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6 Musicals That Will Bring Joy into Your Life

We all know how hard it can be to stay happy during this time. It’s hard to think of the bright side of things when we are faced with so much disappoint. Personally I have been struggling to focus on the good instead of the bad. So many plans have been canceled and so many opportunities have been lost over the past few months.

Sometimes we need a way to escape the doom and gloom of the world. Whether it’s reading a good book, watching your favorite movie, drawing, writing, running, sleeping or listening to music – it’s good to have something that brings you joy.

One thing that brings me joy in this world is listening to music. I have playlists for every occasion and mood. Music is how I feel closest to God and how I process my emotions. I listen to worship music on a daily basis to help me connect with God during this difficult time.

Another form of music that I love is musicals. My musical playlist on Spotify has grown to be over 12 hours long at this point – and it’s still growing.

Musicals can be some of the most rewarding and “joy-bringing” things to listen to. They are meant to bring people together and connect us through our love of music and the story they present. They are a way to express your emotions and feel connected to something outside of this world. Also – they are a great thing to escape to when you feel overwhelmed with the gloom of this world. They are worlds where people randomly break into song! What could be better than that?

So If you want a little extra joy in your life here are 6 musicals that will make you smile and help you to beat the quarantine blues.

  1. Anastasia

This musical is about the lost princess from the Romanov family. It follows Anya and her journey to find her place in the world. If you have seen the animated movie that this musical is based off of, then you will love the stage musical. It follows a more historically accurate plot instead of the fantasy the movie presents, but it is just as wonderful of a story. This musical is one of my all time favorites so I highly recommend you check it out.

2. Any Disney on Broadway musical

Okay so I know this isn’t a specific musical, but you really can’t go wrong with any Disney live stage musical. Beauty and The Beast, The Little Mermaid, Lion King, Aladdin, and Frozen are some of the best known ones. They are all great to listen to and have some new songs that aren’t in the original animated movies. My two recommendations are: First, listen to Friend Like Me from Aladdin the Musical because the genie is phenomenal (he won the Tony award for his performance). Second, listen to Hygge from Frozen the Musical because they gave Oaken his own song and it’s hilarious.

3. Finding Neverland

This musical tells the story of novelist and playwright JM Barrie and how he created the story of Peter Pan. It’s a great uplifting story about embracing your inner child and remembering what it’s like to just play and have fun. I know that this is one of Rachel’s favorite musicals so I’m sure she would agree with me on this recommendation. The music is fun and just listening to it takes you to Neverland.

4. Newsies

Okay so technically this musical is another Disney one, but it deserves it’s own shout out. It tells the story of New York paper boys forming a union and going on strike against the tyranny of the major newspapers. The songs are so much fun to listen to and will make you want to dance. Also, the lead in this musical is my all time favorite Broadway actor – Jeremy Jordan. It is also available to stream of Disney+, so if you have that you can not only listen to the album but watch the entire musical too!

5. Shrek the Musical

Yes you read that right – they made a musical about Shrek. Honestly I love this musical, and I’m not really a big fan of the original movie. The musical tells the story of a ogre and a princess falling in love, with the help of a talking donkey. I cannot explain to you have much joy this musical brings to me. It makes me laugh every time I watch it because it is so silly but it is so good. The story may be cheesy but the songs and the musicality is perfect. Also Sutton Foster plays Fiona and she is a legend so go watch it on Netflix and listen to the album.

6. She Loves Me

I did a concert report on this musical and I didn’t expect it to like it as much as I did – but it is so cute! It tells the story of two coworkers being unknowingly each other’s pen pal lover, but it also follows the stories and lives of their other coworkers. If you know the movie You’ve Got Mail, it is based off of the same tale that movie is based off of. This musical is honestly just a great Romantic Comedy musical that is bound to make you smile. The music is light and fun and Zachary Levi (the voice of Flynn Rider in Tangled) is one of the leads, so what more reason could you need?

I hope some of these suggestions help you to beat the gloom you may be facing. Just remember that there is always joy to find in the world and it may come from the smallest or unlikeliest places.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and a great weekend.


4 thoughts on “6 Musicals That Will Bring Joy into Your Life”

  1. I was trying to see Anastasia this year, but the pandemic got in the way. Same thing happened to Frozen: I did not quite understand how a musical coming in October got postponed in May. Blumenthal had no say in that: it was ultimately Disney’s decision. Both shows still haven’t gotten rescheduled.

    You are right about the Disney musicals- love Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Frozen and Newsies. My favorite Jack Kelly is Joey Barreiro, who is my first Jack. Yes, I saw Jeremy Jordan through the filmed stage show, but didn’t become my favorite. Joey has the advantage of being first.

    I really feel like Newsies is a bit underrated: it is successful, but only has played in the US: that is why I was able to see the stage show twice in person. Someday, I want it to transfer to The West End. How can a musical keep on playing in the US, but still hasn’t transferred.


  2. I love both contemporary christian and musicals. Newsies, Aladdin, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Frozen are some of my favorite musicals. Along with musicals like Les Mis, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, Rent, Sound of Music, Annie, etc……..

    Anastasia was coming to Charlotte this year, but got postponed. I really wanted to see the stage show, but nope not happening this year


  3. Well- I really wanted to see Anastasia last year, but got postponed.

    Boy, Disney musicals- Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and Frozen are all Disney musicals I love. However, only saw two of them in person- Aladdin and Lion King. Frozen would have happened if the US Tour didn’t get postponed. So, as a result of Frozen begins postponed- around the time I would have seen it, my sister and I watched both of the animated films. For my birthday, I got the Broadway Original Soundtrack.

    I am actually still waiting till Beauty and the Beast goes on tour again. That is why I haven’t seen it.

    Newsies is still a Disney musical- seen it in person twice. Once on tour and another at Community College. Love that one- the Dancing is mind-blowing, the story is inspiring, and the characters are incredible. I see how it can be separated from the other Disney musical.s


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