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A Mother’s Day Message to the Imperfect Mom

Moms are one of the most important figures in a person’s life – which is why we take a day out of every year to celebrate them. And because moms are probably waaaaaaay too busy to read a lengthy blog post, here is a short commemoration of the things moms mean to us.

On mother’s day, we don’t celebrate the “perfect” mom – because that lady doesn’t exist. We don’t celebrate the moms who “have it all together.” We don’t discriminate between those who gave us everything we asked for and those who didn’t. Instead, we focus on something much simpler:

We focus on the mom that simply is.

This day is about the women all over the world who have good days and bad days, who sometimes have their lives together and sometimes don’t. We celebrate the ones who keep their cool and the ones who lose their tempers. We focus on the ladies out there who need coffee in the morning and wine in the evening just to get through their day, all without complaining about it.

On this day we thank the women who never gave up on us and who pushed us to be our best. These are the prayer-warriors, the ones who gave us everything they had even when they had nothing. These are the ones whose hearts break for us and soar for us and hold us close, no matter where we are. They are our cheerleaders and our coaches, our biggest fans, our advocates, our first friend and our own personal heroes. And no, they are not perfect.

But we don’t need them to be.

The truth is that our mothers are, at the end of the day, ordinary people who do extraordinary things. We don’t need them to be perfect, because they are everything we need already – even when we had nothing to give them in return.

So to moms everywhere, consider this a salute to you: you are enough. Everything that you do is enough. You continue to do your best, every single day, even when your best feels like it doesn’t quite live up to what the world tells you it should be. We see you. We love you. And we can’t thank you enough.


The Anxious Introvert

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