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3 Ways to Support Local and Small Businesses During Quarantine

Hello everyone! As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to put our lives on halt, it has become increasingly difficult for small businesses to stay in operation. We all have been affected by this pandemic in some way or another (hopefully none of you have caught the disease), but we are still being displaced from our schools, jobs and normal lives.

We are here to help give you tips on how you can support small and local businesses during this time. For my family, it’s proven to be a fun and exciting thing to look forward to. Hopefully you will enjoy some of these ideas! Provided are some websites of the businesses I recommend!

  1. Weekly Take-Out Night(s)

Take-out night in my family has become a great way for us to support local restaurants in my home town. It also gives you a good reason to leave the house for at least a little bit! For this tip I recommend finding local restaurants that are offering curbside pick-up. These aren’t nights to go get fast food (even if Chick-fil-a is so tempting!). Try finding new places or old favorites that you can support and take home.

Another great way to choose where to go is to allow someone choose their favorite restaurant each week. The first week of quarantine my dad chose his favorite pizza place, then I chose Lebanese food and yesterday my mom chose her favorite barbecue place in town.

This tip also gives you a break from having to cook another meal and most of the time you have plenty of leftovers for the next day! I have learned to look forward to our take-out nights and my family have turned them into a whole evening together as we play board games and eat good food.

2. Allow Yourself to Indulge in Sweets

I for one have been doing my part to stay active during this quarantine and I’m not trying to say that we shouldn’t, but having sweets every so often is also okay. Do not feel bad for wanting to order cupcakes from the local bakery (which my family has already done).

There are lots of small bakeries, chocolate shops, ice cream parlors, and many other places that are losing weeks of their prime season. The beginning of spring brings warmer weather, Easter candy and lots of graduations to plan for, but right now a lot of that is up in the air. The good news is many places are still doing pick-up for sweets! Allow yourself to indulge in some sweets during this time because you deserve it and it will help those businesses also get through this time (so you can have more sweets later!).

We all know that this time is very stressful and mentally draining. Being torn from our lives in the course of about a week can be traumatic, but that doesn’t have to define this period. I have learned in this time that God is still present and that sweets are fun to have when necessary.

If you would like to help some businesses out here are some places I recommend that ship!

Mjomii Macaron Shop – Look for them on Instagram! They are a small macaron bakery based in Columbus, OH that ships weekly! You can order a dozen macarons and have them within the next few days! http://mjomii.com/

Dietsch Brothers Fine Chocolates and Ice Cream – Okay this one is a shameless plug from my home town, but they are the best! Check out the chocolate pretzels. They are a little limited to where they will ship right now, but if you’re from Ohio, say hello to chocolate! https://dietschs.com/

Walnut Creek – This is the place to go for great Amish food! I highly recommend everything in their store. Check out everything from popcorn, to cheese, to jelly, to coffee. http://walnutcreekcheese.com/shop

3. Small Art Businesses – Instagram is the Best Place to Look!

Art has always been something that brings me joy. Whether it’s a background on my phone, a sticker for my laptop or a print to go on my wall, I’m always looking for new art. During this time of uncertainty and sadness I think we could all use a little joy.

I recommend looking at Etsy, Instgram, or other online art shops to help brighten your day. Maybe you’ll find your next favorite painting! Not only will you bring some happiness into your homes, but you can help artists who are struggling during this pandemic. Small artistic businesses struggle enough in normal life, so I can’t even imagine how hard it is to keep going during a pandemic.

There are so many places I could recommend, but I’ll pick my top three. These are all businesses that I have found on Instagram and who I have purchased from. They are great places to support during this time and in the future. Because wouldn’t we all love a new painting or candle or gorgeous Bible!?

Book Beau – Being the book nerd that I am, this company is my favorite! They make covers for all sizes of books so that your favorite reads will stay safe when traveling. I highly recommend checking them out. https://bookbeau.com/

Frostbeard Candles – Candles that smell like your favorite literary places! Do I need to say anything else? https://www.frostbeardstudio.com/

Hosanna Revival – They create beautifully hand painted Bibles, journals and stickers. If your looking for a new journaling Bible, devotional, or journal, this is a great place to look! https://hosannarevival.com/

But Don’t Forget: Put Yourself First

During this time we are all learning to live a new normal and that could mean some major changes when it comes to finances. Please, please, PLEASE, put yourself and your family first during these times. Local businesses need support, but that is only if you have the capability of doing it. This is not a time where we should be spending every penny we have. God is calling us all to different things during this hard time. Some may be called to give while others are being called to save.

This pandemic and quarantine has affected us all in many different ways and I pray that you are all doing well and are safe. Life has been flipped upside down and now we must take a breath, pray, and see what God has in store for us during this time. I hope that this post was helpful and that you may be able to support others during this hard time. This time is hard, and it may continue to be hard for a while, but I believe that God has a plan in this, if we only take the time to wait and to listen.

Stay safe and well friends, and I hope you all have a blessed Easter.


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